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Let us tell you a little ABOUT US

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We're a local church with a GLOBAL Vision!

Victory Outreach


Since our humble beginnings

in 1967, Victory Outreach International has grown from one church in Southern California to a worldwide network of churches with locations not only across

North America but in over

30 countries around the world from South Africa to the Netherlands. 

Victory Outreach International has grown into one of the largest inner-city ministries in the world, meeting the needs

of people from all walks of life.


Victory Outreach Stockton


Sent out by Elder/Pastor Ed Morales, Victory Outreach Stockton was established in 1985. Since then the church has been known as an evangelistic church; a beacon of hope in one of the nation’s most dangerous cities.


Not only recognized by the people, but also by the city;

in 2021, 2022 & 2023

Victory Outreach Stockton was recognized by city officials as the best church in the city.


Being in existence for over 35 years, Victory Outreach Stockton is a church of generations, honoring those who have lead the way & continuing to disciple those who join the race. Since 1985, the vision remains the same, to win the city of Stockton for the honor & glory of Jesus Christ. 

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Victory Outreach Stockton Senior Pastors

Pastor Karloz and Sister Athena,  dedicated parents to their three wonderful children:

Karloz, Chanel, and King,

have diligently served as Victory Outreach Stockton's Senior Pastors since 2017, they bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to their leadership roles.

Their unwavering commitment to guiding individuals in their spiritual walk reflects their

deep-rooted love for both the church and the community.

Fueled by a desire to witness the fulfillment of every divine promise for our church and to empower every member to embrace their own personal God-given purpose, our Pastors' dedication knows no bounds.

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